Biffa Brings ISS Recording Technology On Board

2016-05-03 00:00:00

Biffa Brings CCTV Recording Technology On Board

Biffa Municipal has installed the latest CCTV Hard Disk Recording technology and remote WiFi coverage download system, to over 50 refuse vehicles operating in Crawley, South Bucks and Epping Forest. 

David Maidman, Operations Director, Biffa said: “Our primary reason for using camera recording systems is for health and safety.  We use the information we gain from the cameras to monitor and supervise best practice, as well as for staff training and monitoring trends. The footage can also be used to help investigate complaints or insurance claims.“

The Refuse Collection Vehicles (RCV’s) have been fitted with the RX3 Hard Disk Recording system from Innovative Safety Systems ltd (ISS), which can record footage from up to 16 cameras and also captures speed, acceleration and GPS positioning data. The LANlink facility enables recorded footage to be transmitted via the vehicle’s router to the WiFi network when vehicles are in range at the depot, eliminating the need for the removal of footage directly from the vehicle and streamlining the retrieval process

Oliver Hoadley, UK Sales Manager, ISS said: “ LANlink offers most of the benefits of using a Live Recording system without the cost and the unreliability. It’s proving to be very popular with customers.”

Continued David: “The quality of the hardware and the usability of the software is excellent and we like the fact that the product is manufactured here in the UK. ISS work well with all the vehicle manufacturers so they can deal with different tenders and vehicle types. Their input during the build phase has been invaluable and they genuinely add value along the way.”

Biffa are also currently trialling the Cyclear® Cyclist Warning Display System from ISS with a view to considering installing the technology onto vehicles going forward. Cyclear® alerts cyclists and other vulnerable road users when a vehicle is planning to turn left, a manoeuvre that is a major cause of cycling injury across the UK. A sensor mounted onto the nearside of the vehicle alerts the driver if a cyclist chooses to undertake the vehicle into their blind spot, but eliminates the false alarms caused by stationary objects such as street furniture and parked cars, which can distract the driver.

For further information about the RX3 DVR System, LANlink, Cyclear™ or other ISS products and services tel:02476 442699 or visit