Big Savings With New Fuel Saving Module From ISS

2011-03-15 00:00:00

Innovative Safety Systems Ltd (ISS) is expanding its portfolio of vehicle safety technology and reversing aid products with a tried and tested fuel saving device.

Gavin Thoday, ISS Ltd said: “Our reversing camera systems and vehicle safety equipment help save costs as well as improve safety, and with rising costs fuel saving has become an important issue for our customers. After months of investigation and testing we have seen some great results and have now incorporated a fuel saving device into our portfolio of products.

“Our mission is to offer our customers a one stop shop so they only have one number to call for all their vehicle ancillary equipment needs, whether its lighting, cameras, reversing radar or fuel saving.”

The module can be fitted to any vehicle and robust independent testing has proven that it can deliver a minimum of 8-9% fuel saving and in a number of cases this has gone up to 20%. As a result carbon emissions are also significantly reduced.

Why aren’t manufacturers already carrying out this activity?

Gavin explains: “Engines are built to be sold worldwide and for a wide range of applications and environments. Engine makers have to produce performance figures, that are consistent wherever, and for whatever purpose, the vehicle is being used. Therefore engine parameters are set to the lowest common denominator allowing equivalent performance irrespective of fuel grade or servicing levels.”

Return on investment is approximately 9 months and in the case of an RCV savings of approximately £2,000 per vehicle per year can be expected - up to £10k over a typical 5 year lifetime.

ISS engaged the services of an independent company to achieve accurate testing results, using telemetry equipment to measure and analyse data from the vehicles, in the same conditions on the same rounds with the same driver, both with and without the fuel saving module.

In effect the module is designed to re-map the engine to work more efficiently according to its specific operating environment and load, and this re-mapping results in reduced fuel consumption. The device can be transferred from vehicle to vehicle, and can be fitted either as part of the vehicle purchase specification or retrospectively.

The ISS Fuel Saving Module is TUV approved and is available with up to 2 years engine and driveline warranty.

For more information about the fuel saving module contact Gavin Thoday or Jonathan Thomas at ISS on tel: 01455 55 72 74 or email

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