Bournemouth Council Endorses Reaclear

2017-04-24 00:00:00

Thanks to the success of trials carried out by Bournemouth Council, Innovative Safety Systems Ltd (ISS) has been refining and developing its revolutionary new reversing device, Reaclear, ready to go into full production this Summer.

Vehicle safety technology company and the creators of Cyclear®, ISS, designed Reaclear specifically for the waste management sector, to eliminate accidents caused during reversing manoeuvres.  It works by ensuring that every reverse manoeuvre is ‘authorised’ before it occurs.

For the past 12 months Bournemouth Council has been trailing Reaclear on its largest 32 tonne Refuse Collection Vehicle.  Paul Hancock, Principal Fleet Engineering & Depot Services Manager, Bournemouth Council said:

“We totally endorse the whole concept of Reaclear.  As the demographic of town centres across the UK gets tighter and tighter more safety measures need to be introduced.

 “Having used Reaclear for nearly a year our crews agree that it has definitely enhanced our safety procedures. Essentially Reaclear ensures that the reversing assistant is doing what they are trained to do.”

The reversing assistant carries a hand-held device, which also acts as a two-way radio, and once it is safe to manoeuvre he or she presses the transmit button. This lets the driver know that it is safe to reverse.  If the vehicle is reversed without first receiving a signal, an alarm sounds in the cab and LED warning lights start to flash. A message is also sent to transport office to determine if further action is required.

Following successful trials of the technology by Bournemouth Council and positive feedback from crews at the Authority, ISS has been able to refine the design of Reaclear in advance of the product going into full production.

Gavin Thoday, Director, ISS said: “We have redesigned the handset to make it tougher, bigger and more rugged to cope with challenging environments. The reception distance between the handset and the vehicle has been increased so that the reversing assistant can stand further away. Plus we have added a belt harness so that once the reversing manoeuvre is complete the reversing assistant can replace the handset and is free to load bins.”

Testament to the effectiveness of Reaclear the Bournemouth vehicle has incurred zero bumps and scrapes, to what is the biggest vehicle the Authority has.

Added Paul: “It is very rare for a vehicle of this size not to suffer any rear-end damage at all especially as it is operating in narrow access areas.”

 “In terms of future planning, once Reaclear is in full production we would definitely install it on all our new RCV’s.  Making it a standard part of our specification will ensure that we are operating one of the safest fleets in the country. ”

Reaclear is the second product in the ISS ‘Clear’ family, following in the footsteps of Cyclear®, which is now part of the standard refuse vehicle specification for many waste operators and local authorities across the UK.

For further information about ISS and its portfolio of products tel:02476 442699