Cyclear - Cyclear The Movie

Cyclear - The Cyclist Warning Display System

Cyclear has been in development for the past four years and after successful tests of the prototype it is now in operation in a number of authority areas including Guildford Borough Council and London Borough of Sutton. The technology has also been adopted by private operators such as Serco.

The system comprises an illuminated sign and speaker to alert cyclists and vulnerable road users when a vehicle is turning left. The latest version also has an optional sequencing sensor that alerts the driver when a cyclist or pedestrian is approaching. Vehicle operators can use one or both elements of Cyclear installed on their fleet depending on specific requirements and budget.

Cyclear 3 stage system

An internationally recognised bicycle ‘strike through’ sign is automatically illuminated when the vehicle is turning left to stop cyclists travelling down the side of the vehicle.
An audible speaker announces the vehicle’s intended manoeuvre giving a second warning to cyclists.
Sensors located on the side of the vehicle detects when a cyclist or road user is travelling from the rear to the front of the vehicle (undertaking) and alerts the driver with an audible / programmable warning.

The Benefits

  • Prevention & detection
  • Integrated GPS & ambient light sensor
  • Modular system - available to purchase separately
  • Designed & engineered to FORS standard
  • Active NOT passive system
  • Illuminated sign visible from 100 ft
  • Sensors filters out street furniture / parked cars to minimise false alarming