Cyclist Safety High On Guildford Agenda

2014-04-04 00:00:00

Guildford Borough Council is demonstrating its commitment to cyclist safety by equipping its waste collection fleet of 28 vehicles with the Cyclear cyclist warning display system from Innovative Safety Systems Ltd (ISS).

Paul Wells, Fleet & Waste Operations Manager, Guildford Borough Council shows Cyclear on one of the Authority’s RCV’s

Paul Wells, Fleet & Waste Operations Manager, Guildford Borough Council said: “We take health and safety very seriously, which is why all our refuse and recycling vehicles are fitted with the latest digital CCTV recording technology, radars and ‘Caution Workers’ light-boards. When ISS approached us with Cyclear we had already recognised the need to take steps to keep cyclists safe. We were waiting for the right technology and we are confident that Cyclear is a great solution. Our drivers are reassured knowing they have something in place to help prevent accidents.”

Vehicle safety technology experts, ISS have been developing their Cyclear system for over 3 years. The company just launched its latest model, which incorporates a sensor to detect cyclists and warn drivers, so the onus to stay safe is on both driver and cyclist. Cyclist safety campaigner and Chair of RoadPeace, Cynthia Barlow, recently visited ISS offices for a demonstration of the system and has given it her full backing

Gavin Thoday, Director, ISS said: “Cyclear has an illuminated sign and speaker to alert cyclists when the vehicle is turning left. Our latest model also features a sequencing sensor that notifies the driver when a cyclist is approaching from the rear to the front of the vehicle. Unlike other similar products our sensor distinguishes between the usual stationary objects at the side of the road and vulnerable road users such as cyclists. The result is virtually no false alarming, which makes for a much more effective and safer device.”

As well as adopting the latest safety measures Guildford Borough Council has joined forces with other councils in the Surrey area to introduce a new recycling methodology moving away from kerbside collections and opting instead for 240 litre bin co-mingled collections.

ISS supplies, installs and maintains the full range of safety and lighting products including reversing radars, CCTV camera systems, Hard Disk Recording, warning beacons and LED lighting packages.

To arrange a demonstration of Cyclear or to find out more about any ISS products Tel: 02476 442699 or email