Cynthia Barlow Thumbs Up For Cyclear

2014-02-26 00:00:00

Vehicle safety technology experts, Innovative Safety Systems Ltd (ISS) demonstrated Cyclear, its new cyclist warning display system, to Cynthia Barlow, Chair of RoadPeace and cyclist safety campaigner, during a visit to the company’s new premises in Coventry last week.

Cynthia Barlow became involved in cyclist safety after her 26 year old daughter was tragically killed by a concrete mixer as it turned left across her path, in 2000. Since then Cynthia has devoted herself to making businesses & HGV operators accountable for the safety of their vehicles, working closely with Transport for London, the London Cycling Campaign, the Ministry of Justice and RoadPeace the charity for road crash victims.

Transport for London’s ‘Standard for Construction Logistics’ was launched in December 2013 and aims to improve vulnerable road user safety. In keeping with the requirements outlined in the document, the ISS Cyclear system has an illuminated sign and speaker to alert cyclists when the vehicle is turning left. The system also features a sequencing sensor, which notifies the driver when a cyclist or pedestrian is approaching.

Gavin Thoday said: “It was such a privilege to meet Cynthia and it means a lot to us that she is an advocate of Cyclear. We have put a great deal of resources and expertise into creating a system that outperforms anything else currently available in the market place. For example until Cyclear no other system sensor could distinguish between the usual stationary objects at the side of a road such as signpost and buildings, and a vulnerable road user such as a cyclist. The result is continual false alarming. For safety technology to be effective it needs to be 100% reliable. Cyclear only sounds an alarm for the driver when an object approaches from the back of the vehicle towards the front. Cynthia was able to witness this for herself using our interactive wall situated at our offices. We are delighted with Cyclear’s performance during trials.”

ISS supplies, installs and maintains the full range of safety and lighting products including reversing radars, CCTV camera systems, Hard Disk Recording, warning beacons and LED lighting packages.

Cynthia Barlow said: “ISS has put a great deal of effort and engineering expertise into creating a safety system that is effective for both cyclists and vehicle operators. If used more widely , this system could really help to reduce the number of cyclist and pedestrian fatalities in our towns and cities.”

Last week also saw British Cycling launch its #ChooseCycling initiative, a ten point plan for the nation. Point 8 focuses on reducing the risk from HGV’s stating ‘Collisions with HGV’s typically account for around 20% of cycle fatalities in Britain, and over 50% of those in London, despite HGVs making up less than 5% of traffic’.

Cynthia continued: “What we need is a change in safety culture. It is no longer acceptable for big business to shrug its shoulders and shirk its responsibilities towards the public. From the design of vehicles, to driver training and safety technology, every step needs to be taken to avoid any more needless loss of life on our roads.”

To arrange a demonstration of Cyclear contact ISS on 02476 442699 or email