DCW Sets New Standard For Vehicle Safety

2018-10-30 00:00:00

Leading commercial waste management firm, DCW, is introducing a new reversing safety aid, Reaclear, to its fleet. The device has been installed on two of the company’s 26-tonne refuse collection vehicles to assist drivers as they make thousands of weekly business waste collections across the region.

Reaclear is a unique preventative reversing safety device from vehicle technology experts, Innovative Safety Systems Ltd (ISS) and DCW is the first business in Devon to install the technology.

Reaclear comprises a hand-held device that houses a speaker and transmitter. The hand-held unit is carried by an on-foot reversing assistant and has a button that must be pressed before the vehicle is allowed to reverse. If the button is not pressed while the vehicle’s reverse is engaged, an in-cab alarm sounds to alert the driver to stop. The system also enables two-way communication between the driver and reversing assistant to avert potential risks. Even on vehicles fitted with other safety features, such as reverse radar, Reaclear facilitates better communication between crew members to prevent accidents before they occur.

DCW managing director, Simon Almond, said: “As a company, our first priority before anything else is the safety of employees, pedestrians and other road users. Our crews make collections across the south west in many varied locations including business parks, construction sites, high streets and rural areas, where drivers frequently perform highly skilled manoeuvres in tight and busy spaces. A number of our larger vehicles already feature ISS 360° camera systems, which improve the driver’s road visibility, and Reaclear is a perfect addition to further enhance safety.

“Our crews operate with an HSE-recommended on-foot reversing assistant, who carries the Reaclear handset to let the driver know when it is safe to reverse. Unlike existing systems that react to danger during reversing, Reaclear ensures that the vehicle doesn’t even begin to reverse until it is safe. The system even reports any unauthorised reversing to our traffic manager for review. Since introducing Reaclear I’ve been impressed with its simplicity and effectiveness and we plan to install it on all our crewed vehicles in the coming months.”

Innovative Safety Systems Ltd is a leading vehicle safety technology provider that designs, supplies and maintains a wide range of products, many of which are manufactured here in the UK. ISS products include the Cyclear™ (Cyclist Safety Warning Device), the Reaclear reverse device, 360 Vehicle Camera Systems, Hard Disk Recording, Remote Footage Download Systems, reversing radar and vehicle-tracking systems.

Mike Crowther, National Sales Manager, ISS added: “DCW is committed to running a safe fleet and adopting Reaclear is a major step in preventing any potential reversing accidents.  Around a quarter of deaths at work involving a vehicle occur during reversing.  Our customers asked us to look at the problem and come up with a solution.  Reaclear is the result of years of research and development, and it’s been thoroughly tested in the market place. We are confident it has the capacity to significantly reduce, or eliminate altogether, reversing accidents in the waste sector.”

DCW is a leading provider of commercial waste management services in Devon, Cornwall and central Somerset. The company collects mixed waste from its clients in a single vehicle, reducing the number of journeys made and minimising its CO2 emissions. Each time a bin is emptied, around 3.04kg of CO2 is emitted, so collecting waste in a single bin rather than separating it into different containers reduces CO2 emissions. DCW was the first company to introduce Zero to Landfill solutions to the south west region, ensuring that all materials that can be recycled, are; and that nothing ends up in landfill.

For more information about DCW’s Zero to Landfill service, visit or call 01392 361300.

For further information about ISS and Reaclear visit or tel: 01386 630 155.