About Reaclear®

Ask drivers and fleet managers in the waste sector what their primary health and safety concern is and most will reply unequivocally ‘reversing’. A quarter of all deaths involving vehicles at work occur during reversing.

Reaclear has taken 7 years of research and development to come to fruition and has the potential to revolutionise the way we reverse RCV’s and safeguard crew members and the public.

Current reversing aids e.g. reverse cameras and mirrors are reactive and by no means failsafe. Our studies into autobraking, now recognised as a major cause of accidents, revealed that drivers can become over reliant on autobrake systems to the point where the brake pedal is often ignored with fatal consequences.

Reaclear is preventative and has been designed to work with the driver and reversing assistant NOT replace them. The HSE recommends a minimum of one reversing assistant per crew and the use of a clear, agreed system of signalling during reverse manoeuvres. Reaclear ensures this advice is followed.


The Benefits

  • Preventative
  • Low cost
  • Easy to install or retrofit
  • Two-way communication