Municipal & Waste Vehicles

The waste and recycling collection sector is renowned for high injury rates (twice that of the construction industry), and in 2009 the Health & Safety Executive confirmed reversing to be a ‘high risk activity’ in this sector and recommended the use of CCTV cameras and mirrors.

Whether negotiating built-up areas or country lanes, blind spots, reversing danger, insurance claims, accidents (staff and the public), vehicle damage and complaints are an ever-present risk.

We offer a range of products that effectively address these and other issues. Mobile CCTV systems, Hard Disk Recording, Reversing Radar, Rear View Cameras and Reversing Cameras, as well as traditional and LED warning lights and beacon.s

Local Authorities across the United Kingdom from Caerphilly to Devon, and Derbyshire to Lincolnshire have chosen ISS, because our products are the highest quality and most robust available in the market place today.

We also make sure all our equipment is designed with the user in mind and is installed to complement the operational demands of a particular vehicle e.g. Refuse & Recycling Collection Vehicle (RCV), road sweeper, gulley cleaner, 4X4 or a van.

Outcome – fewer accidents; no false insurance claims; lower insurance costs; fewer complaints; and staff protection