Passenger Transport

Typically buses have both front and rear blind spots and that can make it very difficult to manoeuvre the vehicle safely in busy areas and where there are cyclists.

Passengers can also be distracting to the vehicle operator, particularly where there is a high level of interaction required in the case of bus services. And there can be occurrences of vandalism or aggressive behaviour from members of the public or service users, for the driver to contend with.

Our mobile CCTV system and reversing radar assists the driver in all these situations, ‘filling’ blind spots and mitigating accidents with cyclists and collisions with pedestrians. The equipment also enhances the driver’s performance, providing a less stressful working environment, and acts as a deterrent regarding vandalism, aggressive behaviour and fraudulent insurance claims.

Outcome – safer service; less vandal and accident related damage; reduced vehicle down time; enhanced staff & passenger confidence; fewer insurance claims