Vehicle CCTV and Safety Technology Can Help Reduce Waste & Recycling Accidents

2010-11-01 00:00:00

In response to this week’s announcement by the Health and Safety Executive that injury rates in waste and recycling remain too high, vehicle safety experts, Innovative Safety Systems Ltd are encouraging local authorities, manufacturers and private contractors to install CCTV mobile monitoring technology and rear vision systems to their Refuse Vehicles (RCV’s), to reduce the risk of accidents.

Although there have been signs of improvement across the sector the HSE reports that the combined fatal and major injury rate in waste and recycling is more than four times the average across all industries.
Gavin Thoday, Director, ISS said: “Vehicle CCTV, cameras, reversing radar and hard disk recording technology not only reduces the risk of accidents occurring, safeguarding both crews and members of the public, it also enables more effective training of crews and helps local authorities to monitor and maintain health and safety best practice.”

This advice mirrors a report published by the HSE last year aimed at the waste and recycling sector, which confirmed reversing to be a ‘high risk activity’ and recommended that ‘Good all round vision should be achieved. Closed circuit TV (CCTV), or mirrors, or a combination of both, should be fitted.’

In its ‘Waste and Recycling Vehicles in Street Collection’ good practice document the HSE goes further to stipulate that such equipment must be designed and fitted correctly in order to optimize the operator’s field of vision during reversing, and that cameras and monitors should provide a good view of the working zone, both in sunlight and low light levels.

Gavin adds: “We design and supply vision systems that are robust as well as easy to use. We work closely with vehicle and body manufacturers to make sure that our equipment integrates seamlessly with the daily operations of a refuse vehicle and can withstand the rigours of that environment.”

The HSE also recommends that high-visibility warning lights and beacons should be fitted to the front and rear of RCV’s.

Gavin continued: “We offer a complete package of traditional and LED lighting and beacon packages. LED lighting is becoming more popular as it is brighter, more reliable and more robust than traditional bulbs. It also requires a fraction of the energy to function, so council’s can improve the safety of their vehicles, whilst saving money on maintenance, repairs and ‘down time’.

In April this year Caerphilly County Borough Council took delivery of five new RCV’s all fitted with ISS Hard Disk Recording.

Phillip Griffiths, Transport Manager, Caerphilly County Borough Council:
“This equipment helps us make sure our crews are working in a safe manner in accordance with our procedures. For example, we recorded that some crews were not fully utilising the role of the reversing assistant and were instead relying entirely on the monitors in the cab. Thanks to the Hard Disk Recording we were able to address this issue with our crews and put it right.”


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