We're Watching You! Commercial Recycling and Waste Operators Take Action Against Insurance Fraudsters

2011-02-14 00:00:00

IN response to the steady rise in bogus insurance claims and personal injury scams, commercial recycling and waste collection companies are taking action to protect themselves and their crews by fitting Hard Disk Recording (DVR) equipment to their vehicles.

Simon Scott, Works Director for Ideal Waste Paper, one of the UK’s largest independent processors of recyclable material, recently asked Innovative Safety Systems Ltd (ISS) to fit DVR equipment to an RCV and a Hook lift:

“There are so many dishonest people around these days. There’s definitely been an increase in people claiming that their car has been damaged or personal injury scams where drivers brake suddenly to cause one of our drivers to run into them. However, in our experience the courts tend to side with individuals rather than companies. We know that the majority of claims made against us are false, but until now we haven’t been able to prove it.”

Jonathan Thomas, Director of ISS Ltd, specialists in DVR, reversing camera systems and vehicle safety technology: “Local authorities have recognised the benefits of using Hard Disk Recording for some time, to mitigate false insurance claims, monitor the safety of their crew, and investigate complaints. But now more and more commercial operators are coming to us as they begin to see how this technology can benefit them. Not only can they minimise their losses from insurance fraudsters, and cut down the time and resource previously spent investigating claims, they can more easily demonstrate access issues to customers and monitor their own crews for Health & Safety best practice.”

In the same way Mark White, Transport Manager, F & R Cawley, a waste management and recycling solutions company based in Luton, has decided for the first time in the company’s history to fit recording equipment to two RCV’s for a number of reasons:

“Our vehicles are one-man operated so it’s crucial that our crew members follow strict health and safety guidelines to avoid accidents from happening. Access can be a major issue and sometimes it can be impossible for us to make a collection. Now that we have the capacity to record the vehicles movements we can better demonstrate such issues internally and better inform our sales team when they are talking to potential new customers.”

“The equipment from ISS is spot on and we will be specifying it as standard on all future vehicles. The images are very clear so if we do receive any complaints of damage being caused by one of our vehicles we can now find out for sure.”

Paul Mintern, Director, Greensolve Ltd, which offers waste collection services and recycling solutions to businesses in Kent & Sussex, opted for the ISS Hard Disk Recording system for its superior clarity, and the capacity to store up to 3 months worth of footage at any one time.

“It takes a great deal of time, money and staff resources to investigate a claim. Now I can say ‘tell me the time and I’ll check our recording’. It’s surprising how many claims fade away at that point.”

“The feedback from our insurance company has been very positive and although our premiums haven’t yet reduced, I think that ultimately it will have an impact on our overall costs.”

[With picture: Paul Mintern, Greensolve Ltd with an RCV equipped with ISS DVR]

ENDS. February 2011

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