West Devon Switches On to LED

2010-09-01 10:39:54

West Devon Council is showcasing the latest in LED (Light-Emitting Diode) warning lights and beacons from Innovative Safety Systems Ltd on its new fleet of refuse, recycling and cleansing vehicles.

Focsa Services UK Ltd, who was awarded the contract to provide all refuse, recycling collection and street cleansing services for West Devon Council, recommended the ISS package of lights and beacons for their efficiency, reliability and quality:

Tony Milton, Contract Manager Focsa:
“In West Devon we have a lot of country lanes with low lying branches and the traditional revolving beacons get battered and damaged, whereas the LED units can be made a lot smaller and they are much more robust.”

Gavin Thoday, Director, ISS adds:
“LED lighting offers a much more practical solution because it is much more reliable, more robust and more energy efficient than traditional lights. From a safety perspective, LED lighting is brighter and, because it’s directional, is less obtrusive in residential areas. LED’s are formed in a cluster, which means that when partial damage occurs the lighting is still effective and the vehicle is still legal. The result is less V.O.R and downtime, which means significant cost savings.”

LED is ‘low draw’ and uses only a tiny percentage of the power that equivalent traditional incandescent bulbs use, so no flat batteries. With no glass tubes to break and their internal parts rigidly supported LED lamps are resistant to vibration and impact, making them perfect for the harsh environment that refuse and cleansing vehicles operate in.